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Nunne 14, Tallinn 10133, Estonia
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Nunne 14, Tallinn 10133, Estonia

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Tallinn Old Town

Hotel Nunne is located in the UNESCO-protected old town of Tallinn, which has a history of 800 years.

From our doorstep, you’re moments away from iconic landmarks, lush parks, and vibrant marketplaces. Tallinn is where the past meets the present and where every corner tells a story. Discover the essence of the city with us.

Step out from the hotel and enter the magical Tallinn Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage delight and one of the best preserved medieval Old Town’s in Europe.

Explore the Town Hall Square, the vibrant heart of the city since the 13th century.

Visit St. Olaf’s Church, once considered the tallest building in the world and enjoy a 360 degree view from the church tower.

Treat yourself at at the town’s cozy and lovely cafés, where local flavors meet warm hospitality.

City wall of Old Town

Staying at Nunne Boutique Hotel, you are situated in the heart of Tallinn’s long history. The powerful limestone wall running through the hotel dates back to the mid-13th century when Queen Margarete Sambor ordered the construction of the first defensive wall here. The defensive structure, built by local craftsmen, was only 5 meters high and 1.5 meters thick at that time.

The development of the city walls didn’t stop with Queen Margaret’s initial vision. In 1310, under the guidance of Jens Kanne, further construction work on the wall began. The new grand walls reached heights of up to 6.5 meters and expanded to 2.3 meters thick, significantly increasing their durability. It is believed that the arrow slits, still noticeable in the hotel corridors today, date back to this period when bows and later firearms defended the city of Tallinn.

By the late 18th century, the city walls and towers were becoming obsolete, losing their military significance with Tallinn’s demilitarization in the 19th century. Fortunately, the historical significance of these structures was recognized, and preservation and restoration works began in the 1950s.

Today, 1.85 kilometers of city wall and 20 wall towers have been preserved. Under the streets and buildings of the Old Town, the city wall remains intact.

Toompea hill

Standing proudly above the Old Town, Toompea Hill is a must-visit place in Tallinn. Here, you’ll find the impressive Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and the beautiful Toompea Castle. Strolling around Toompea, you’ll also enjoy some of the best panoramic views of Tallinn. Admire the architecture of the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. Take a walk inside Toompea Castle, which serves as the Estonian Parliament building today. Capture captivating cityscapes from the Kohtuotsa viewing platform, a dream spot for any photographer.


Nestled amidst urban charm, our neighboring parks are peaceful oases. Lush, serene, and beautifully maintained, these parks are perfect for leisurely strolls, morning jogs, or a peaceful moment of reflection.

Stroll through Tower’s Square Park, where history meets greenery, providing a serene backdrop for relaxation.

Venture into Toompark, a spacious park surrounding the medieval walls, complete with winding paths and ponds.

Experience the pulse of local life while unwinding at Harju Hill Park, the perfect spot for a peaceful moment.

Baltic Station Market

For an authentic taste of Tallinn, head over to the bustling Balti Jaam Market. Just a short walk from the hotel, this modern market complex boasts fresh produce, artisanal crafts, gourmet eateries, and so much more. Dive into its lively atmosphere and discover treasures ranging from vintage finds to delightful local bites.

Savor traditional Estonian pastries from local bakers.

Hunt for unique antiques and trinkets in its vintage section.

Connect with local artisans, as they craft memories for you to take home.

Telliskivi Creative City

Creativity thrives at Telliskivi Creative City, Estonia’s largest creative hub located in the former industrial complex of Tallinn. Brimming with art studios, design shops, cultural events, and trendy cafés, it’s a haven for artists and innovators alike. Mingle with locals, admire street art, and let your creative spirit soar.

Attend one of its many cultural events, from art exhibitions to live music.

Shop at boutique stores offering unique Estonian designs.

Dine at one of the area’s industrial vibe restaurants with exciting menus and hipster atmosphere.